In Memory of Jasmine

“Maybe the reason for the world is to make us long for home.” ~Matthew West


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This is Jasmine.  She was – IS – a beautiful little girl from my church community who earned her angel wings last weekend after a long struggle with cancer.  She was only 2 1/2…just a few months younger than my own daughter, which I think makes her story hit closer to home and heart.

I didn’t know her personally.  I said hello to her when she was carried into church by her mama or daddy, and I patted her back gently as they passed by.  She didn’t know me, though, and wouldn’t have recognized my face.  Her sweet face, though, is burned into my memory.  I followed her condition on Facebook, and I prayed for her and her family every day.

She changed me.  Her story and her legacy have had more of an impact on this world than anyone could have imagined.  Her story had a resounding ripple effect throughout the world, and little Jasmine will not soon be forgotten.

Because of her, I hug my daughter more tightly every time I get the opportunity.

Because of her, I recognize that this life is temporary, and that nothing is guaranteed.

Because of her and her family, I see that it is possible to walk through excruciating trial with my head held high.

Because of her story, I have seen the Body of Christ at work in ways I never imagined.

If it were not for this precious little girl, perhaps I would still be living complacently.  Perhaps I would still be so desperately in need of a shift in perspective.  Perhaps I would continue to take things for granted.

Like I said, she changed me for the better.

I never held her in my arms, but she has a permanent place in my heart.


Jasmine's Balloon Launch. Soar, sweet girl.

Sweet Jasmine, thank you for sharing your life with us, and for so clearly delivering God’s message to the world.  You have always been an angel, and today, you soar with them all in heaven.


You may not be able to see this....but the clouds looked like an angel soaring overhead yesterday as I drove. Beautiful reminder to me of where Jasmine is today...and of where she will be when we see her again.

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