We are family. (31 Days of Balance – Day 26)

As difficult as it may be to form a personal purpose statement…and then a purpose statement for your marriage…I do maintain that the work is worth it.  I have seen the benefits to both.  They are important.

One thing I have tried to do several times, though, and have yet to successfully do, is to create a purpose (or mission) statement for our family.  Scott and I know what we are purposed for in our individual lives and know, beyond that, what our marriage is for.  We have still been unable to create a to-the-point purpose statement for our family as a whole.

This, too, is important, and I am renewing my resolve to complete this task within the next couple of weeks.  It just seems to me that I need more direction than I have right now.  There are things that I want for my family…for my daughter…and I know that without a stated purpose to keep me on track I will wander off in pursuit of who knows what.

Friends, my family is worth more effort than that.  My daughter is worth more effort than that.  It’s hard for me to say this, but I am worth more effort than that.

With that in mind, I’ve bookmarked some sites to peruse as I try to assemble a purpose statement that fits who my family is and who we want to be.  I’m linking them here for you to check out if you, too, feel led to this project.  If you do it, I would love to hear how it turns out!

Tackle Your Home with Purpose

Families With Purpose: Writing A Family Mission Statement

Not Your Average Mommy Blog: Family Purpose Statement

Marla Taviano – Family Purpose Statements

Family Vision Now

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