A Leap of Grace (or, “I’m going on vacation and didn’t write posts ahead of time.”)

Friends, it’s time for me to do something out of the ordinary.  I’m going to give myself some grace.

I’ve been working really hard to research and write the posts for this series, and it has been a wonderful process for me.  I’m actually glad that the series is far from over, because God is working on me through it and I know I have more to learn.


I am going on vacation, and will be away from the computer for five days.  It’s a record for me, especially in the midst of a series, but I feel God prompting me to step back.

You see, even a series about worship can become legalistic.  I could stay up late and churn out a bunch of posts just for the sake of getting them done, but that’s not what I feel called to do in this series.  It’s supposed to be something to learn and grow through, and plowing through it like a freight train is not the way to make that happen.  I honestly think it’s best for me to step away for a few days….clear my head….really experience worship in an organic way….and then come back next week with a fresh perspective.

You’ve heard of a leap of faith?  Well, this is a leap of grace.  I’m taking a leap and offering myself the same grace that I would extend to any one of you in the same situation.  I’m leaving (on a jet plane) early in the morning, I still have packing to do, and – hurray – I don’t feel very good.  (Thank you, October, for hitting me with whatever it is you hit me with today.  Sinus drainage has hit.)

So I’m taking a break, and will be back on Monday with another post on worship.  Can I ask a favor of you, my friends, while I am gone?  Continue to think on worship.  Meditate on what it should be and what it has become.  Do some thinking on it yourself.  Also?  Pray for my husband and for me.  We’re not big travelers, and with that in mind what we’re doing over the next few days is in the realm of epic adventures.  (More on that later.)  Plus, I reeeaaally don’t want to be sick on vacation.  Really.

Blessings, friends.  See you soon.

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