Praying For Our Families || Day 13

Prayer Focus: Trust in God

Central Scripture: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct Your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)


Gracious God, thank You for Your leadership over our lives. It all comes back to Your unfailing love for us, that You would be intimately involved in the daily workings of our lives. A lesser love might allow You to step back at a distance and force us to figure things out on our own, but Your perfect love offers guidance and direction for every situation.

Father, I pray today that my family would grow in their trust of You. I pray that in every situation life brings, they would rest securely in the knowledge that You love them and want only the best for them. Help them to hold no piece of their hearts back from You. Let them give You everything, that they are wholly trusting of You and Your plans for their lives.

I pray against any tendency to take things into our own hands. Throughout Scripture we see example after example of people who didn’t trust You – didn’t believe Your promises – didn’t want to wait for Your methods or Your timing. It never works out well, God, so I pray that my family and I would learn from the example of those who have come before us. I pray, too, that Your Spirit would make us aware of the times in our own lives when we have tried to force Your hand and make things happen the way we want. Please forgive us for those times, because the root of it all is pride and our disbelief that You are Who You say You are.

Lord, our understanding of the world is so narrow, so I do pray for wisdom for the things we face. Help us to see from Your perspective. As we grow in wisdom, though, let us never think we can rely on our own understanding. Keep us humble, God.

I pray, Lord, that my husband and children would acknowledge You in everything they do – that no area of their lives would be “off-limits” to You. Let them wholly commit everything they have to You.

Let my husband not walk through this life as the world tells him to. Men are “supposed” to act quickly and with authority, but I pray that my husband would instead lean on You and wait for Your timing. Help him to act decisively when the situation requires it, but always based on Godly wisdom instead of his own knowledge. 

Please let my children grow up up with an increasingly intimate awareness of You at work in their lives. Help them to see that Your ways are not always what they would choose, but they are always perfect. Help them look to You for guidance and wisdom in every situation. Show me my role in teaching them how to acknowledge You.

Gracious Father, we have no way of knowing what lies ahead of us on this journey, but You see the whole path with perfect clarity. Help my family to walk with trust and full acknowledgement of who You are. Direct our paths, Father, and lead us into Your perfect will for our lives.


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