A Traveler’s Notes:

Reflections From A Journey Of Faith

You are invited to an epic journey.

If you accept, it is one that will empower you to see your life clearly.

What if, in the most mundane of moments, we kept our eyes fixed beyond the here and now?

Would every situation, every errand, and every conversation become a step toward something bigger that we just can’t see?

Would we exchange our “here we go again” mindsets for a prayer that our eyes would be opened to the story God is writing every day?

Would we promise ourselves to remember all that we saw and heard as God answered our prayers? Would we allow ourselves to be changed?

If we did, life would change from daily drudgery to an epic journey. And Jessica Bolyard believes your life – yes, yours – can be epic.

With relatable stories and inspired revelations, A Traveler’s Notes chronicles a journey of faith through ordinary moments of motherhood, current events, mental illness, and more. Through its pages, you will learn to see life as a journey, every day as a lesson, and yourself as a courageous traveler through a world that’s not your home.

Brick by Brick:

Boldly Claiming Identity and Bravely Choosing Community

Have you ever stood in a crowded room, cringing and wondering why relationships are so hard for you?

Do you ever feel like you’re on the outside looking in?

Are you more frustrated than fulfilled by Christian community?

Friend, this is not God’s plan for you.

In Brick by Brick, Jessica Bolyard pointedly addresses how deep issues of identity and shame form a towering wall around God’s daughters, forcing us into isolation and out of God’s purpose for our lives. Once we recognize our identity issues and call out the shame for what it is, though, we can move forward into the Lord’s design for community.

Brick by Brick will help you to: identify issues of identity and shame in your own life, recognize how lies have kept you isolated from the relationships you desire, and be encouraged to pursue the kind of deep, Christ-centered community for which you were made.

I Don’t Know What to Say:

Praying God’s Word Over Your Home and Family

Prayer can be difficult, even when we’re praying for our families. There is so much to pray for that we often get overwhelmed and, as a result, don’t pray for anything at all. We just don’t know where to begin. We don’t know what to say.

But what if we didn’t have to come up with the words ourselves? What if we allowed God’s Word to speak for itself in our prayers? This straightforward book of prayers equips wives and mothers to pray powerful, impactful words for their husbands and children. Because God’s Word has already said it all, we don’t ever have to say, “I don’t know what to say.”

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