The Things You Realize on a Rainy Monday Morning

The Things You Realize on a Rainy Monday Morning

The note came home last week: “School picture day will be next Wednesday. Each child will be photographed individually for the yearbook. Prints will be available for purchase.” Just another note, perhaps, with just another thing to mark on the calendar....

We Will Follow

If spoken words can have flashing lights, these did. And if they can come at a person like blazing darts, these did just that. “We are all disciples of something,” he said. “Whether we’re following Jesus or not, we’re all...

The Implications of PreApproval

It wasn’t about the shoes at all, really, but as it usually happens, something as innocuous as a too-small pair of tee ball cleats became the spark igniting all the fire and fury my human heart can bear. He didn’t mean anything by it, and deep down I knew...

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