Praying For Our Families || Day 31

Prayer Focus: Gratitude and Thankfulness

Central Scripture: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” (Psalm 136:1)


Gracious Father, You have given me so much from the generosity of Your hands. You have poured out blessing upon blessing, not because I have earned or deserve it, but because You love me and delight in doing so. You are a giving Father, and You are good. 

In every moment, You are good. In every situation, You are good. In every thought You have about me, You are good. In every purpose You have for my life, You are good. 

Even when things around me don’t look the way I think they should, Lord, You are good. When I don’t understand, You are good. When I don’t know what to think or which way to go or why things are going the way they are, one thing I do know is that You are good.

In all things, at all times, Lord, You are good.

Thank You, Lord, for the blessings You have given me in my family. It is humbling to take a step back and look at my life from a distance, recognizing all that You have brought into my life out of the goodness of Your heart.

My husband is a gift from You. You have placed him in my life for a reason, and even though marriage is hard and demands things from me that I feel inadequate to give, I know that You have designed it for my benefit. Thank You for my husband, God. Thank You for my marriage. Please let me never take him for granted, and never let me become complacent or lazy about our relationship. Please help me to always recognize it as the sacred union You intend it to be. Thank You, Lord.

My children are a gift from You. You have chosen me to be their mother on purpose, even though I so often feel like I don’t have what it takes to raise them right. You have given them to me and me to them, and in Your goodness You don’t make mistakes. I am what they need and they are what I need. Help me to always remember that You gave me a treasured gift when You gave me the honor of being called “mom.” Never let me begrudge this position You have given me. Thank You for trusting me with Your children, and please give me the strength to do what is being asked of me. Thank You, Lord, for my children.

Father, Your love for me endures forever. I love You, Lord, and as You have abundantly blessed me, I pray that my life would be poured out as a blessing to You. You are good, Lord, and it is my joy to serve You in my family.


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