“Worth the Fight”: A Review

My husband and I have been married eight wonderful years. He is my best friend, and we are closer now than we were when we first got married. That is not to say, however, that we have a perfect marriage.

Yes, there have been good times, when we were in sync with each other and every day together was a day spent with my very best friend. But there have been times that were hard…like the months and months when I was deep in the hole of depression and he had no idea how to reach me.

And I don’t, by any means, consider us to be veterans to marriage. We are not experts, nor are we in any position to dispense advice. What we will say, however, is that our marriage is what it is because we are intentional to work at it.

One way we work at our relationship is by reading books on the topic of marriage. We figure that we always have more to learn, and if we can gain insight from others who have traveled this road before us, we can possibly avoid some of the obstacles that are ahead.

I recently had the chance to read and review Kayse Pratt’s new e-book, Worth the Fight: Lessons Learned in a High Maintenance Marriage, and I jumped at the chance. Kayse is one of my favorite bloggers (you can find her blog here), and I knew that getting her take on marriage would be worth my time.

Worth the Fight is a wonderful refresher course, so to speak, on all of the things we married people know…..but that life has a way of making us forget. We all know how we learned certain things in premarital counseling, or from talking with friends, or from one of those other books we’ve read on marriage, but then before long we forget what we learned and fall back into our default patterns.

Worth the Fight makes you feel like you are sitting at a coffee shop with a very good – very Godly – friend and accountability partner. Kayse reminds us that yes, marriage is serious….but it can also be very, very fun.

Worth the Fight: Lessons Learned in a High Maintenance Marriage releases as an e-book today, available by clicking here. And, even though it’s very reasonably priced to begin with, Kayse is offering a discount of 20% if you use the code “worththefight20” at checkout —- but that code is only good TODAY, Monday, February 3rd.

I hope you’ll check out this great little book that’s packed with lots of great wisdom. My favorite quote?

God’s standard anchors us, so that our marriages can weather any storm that comes our way. And storms will come. But if we lean into the Lord, asking Him for strength to keep our commitment to our spouse, God will meet our every need.

Get the book, and read more. I really hope you do.

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