Finding Joy in All Circumstances

I am extremely excited to tell you guys about a new *completely free* eBook that has just been released by The Seed Company, a fabulous nonprofit company seeking to get Bibles into the hands of people around the world. I met some representatives from their company at the Allume Conference last year, and was really touched by their passion for Bible-less people groups and their belief in the power of the written Gospel in changing lives. When I asked how I could be a part of their mission, they graciously extended an invitation to me to be a part of a devotional book they were working on.

The book is called “Joy in All Circumstances,” and I am just one of many talented writers contributing our God-given gifts to this project. You can download the book for yourself here. I sincerely hope it helps you to discover the joy in every day. (Who doesn’t need a little help in that department? I know I do.)

And would you please check out the work The Seed Company is doing? Learn more about their company and their mission here.

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