Praying For Our Families || Day 1

Prayer Focus: Salvation

Central Scripture: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)


Merciful, eternal Father, You are the author of life and the One who establishes Your plan for us. In Your infinite mercy, You allow us to choose the path we will take through life, and make it known what we will encounter on the different pathways. In your infinite wisdom, You have made a way for us to escape the paths we have chosen and to begin again on the path You have set for us.

Father, none of us has chosen well. We have strayed from You, and we deserve the death and destruction that we have chosen for ourselves. You place another path in front of us, though, that leads to abundant and eternal life. Thank you for offering Your Son as a way for us to get back to You. Thank you for saving us from ourselves.

Today, God, I lift up my family and pray for their salvation. I pray that their hearts would be softened as they turn toward You. I pray that Your Spirit would convict them of their sin and of their need for a savior, and that they would find what they are looking for in You.

I pray for my husband, God. I pray that his heart would be open to Your plan for his life. I pray that he would live every day in awareness that He has been snatched up from the depths of darkness and raised to a new life in You. I pray that He would walk in truth. I pray that the plans the world has for him would be thwarted as he continually seeks life in You. I pray against cultural influences that tell him who he should be and what he should do, and pray that he would find his guidance in You. Rescue him daily, Lord. Rescue him and raise him up.

And I pray for my children, Father. The world has a plan for their lives just as You do, and they have a choice daily to decide where they will walk. Embed your Truth into their hearts, and convict them of their sins. Convict them that the things they choose are often not what You choose for them. Help my children to grow up aware that they were created for more than what this world can offer them. Help them to see the ways that they need to be rescued, and work within their young hearts to draw them to the life that You offer.

Father, thank you for loving my family more than I do. Thank you for desiring more for them than I can dream. Banish the powers of darkness and the world from our home, and draw us all into a new life with You.


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