Praying For Our Families || Day 12

Prayer Focus: Prayerfulness

Central Scripture: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)


Eternally merciful God, thank You for the avenues You make for us to navigate life in this world. You give us hope that what we see isn’t all there is, patience to endure life’s inevitable hardships, and a way to be in constant communion with You through it all in prayer.

Father, please let prayerfulness become a natural habit for my family. Take us all beyond ritual, obligatory prayer into a kind of unceasing conversation with You. I confess that this is something I struggle with, and I have not always been the example for my children that they need to see. Please forgive me for my halfhearted approach to prayer and teach me a new way.

God, I pray that my husband would grow in his prayer life. Please help Him to recognize the nudges and prompts of the Holy Spirit and to go to You in prayer throughout the day. Let him become like a tree planted alongside a stream, standing strong with deep roots and bearing fruit in every season.

Lord God, please help my children to learn the value of prayer from a young age. The abstractness of it can be hard for adult minds to grasp, so I pray that prayer would become a natural way of life for them while they are young.

Father, take my family beyond the most basic prayers of request, into prayers of genuine communion. Remind us to be quiet in prayer, letting our spirits commune with Yours in an intimate way. Teach us the discipline of both intentional stillness and of prayer while we go about our days. 

Change us through prayer, God, in a way that is undeniable. Help us to understand the way You desire for us to live in prayerfulness, and change the trajectory of our lives through our ongoing conversations with You.


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