Praying For Our Families || Day 18

Prayer Focus: Protection of Family Relationships

Central Scripture: “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.” (Matthew 6:13)


Heavenly Father, thank You for my family. I know that You have designed families to be a good and perfect gift, and I never want to take that gift for granted. Each relationship within my family is precious, and I thank You for each person You have placed within my life.

Lord, just as I know You intend families to be a gift, I know, too, that my enemy wants to twist and taint that gift in any way he can. He seeks to kill and destroy the beautiful thing You have established. I realize he will use any means necessary to do that.

Father, please protect our family relationships, specifically, from attacks of the enemy. It is tempting every hour of every day to take the  easy road…to seek to live for ourselves…to put our own wants before those of the people we love. I pray, God, that we would not give in to the temptation to seek our own best interest first.

Keep our words and our thoughts pure, God. It is easy to talk badly about family members when we get outside the home; the temptation is to somehow make ourselves look better by making someone else look worse. Lead us away from this temptation, God, that the only words my husband, my children, and I have to say about each other are edifying. Let us build one another up in our speech and actions around other people.

Lord, the family unit as you created it to be is constantly under attack. Let my family be an encouraging model of the way family relationships can be. Let what people see on the outside be true to what is happening when we are at home. Please help us to be salt in the world, adding flavor and preserving what You intended life to be.

Thank You for my family, God. Watch over our relationships, and let us guard them as fiercely as a lion. 


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