Praying For Our Families || Day 19

Prayer Focus: Family Unity

Central Scripture: “If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand.” (Mark 3:25)




Gracious, merciful Father, thank You for Your faithfulness – not just to us, but to Your Word. You never go against Your promises to us. You always remain true to who You are. You never waver or change or fluctuate. Thank You for being the one consistent thing in this world.

Lord, I pray today for unity within my family. With different people and different personalities and the realities of life, conflicts are inevitable. I pray, though, that no conflict or disagreement would be strong enough to break the bonds You have established. 

I pray against the ploys of the enemy to drive a wedge between my husband and me. Our marriage is a cord of three strands, and with You in the center of it nothing can break us apart. You have bonded us together as one flesh – merged our lives and futures together as one – and none of the powers of darkness can separate what You have united. Help us to remain a unified front in all things. We will disagree on things, but I pray, God, that in even our most difficult conversations Your Spirit of love and truth would prevail. Help us to unite our hearts with Yours, and thereby to be united with one another. Let there be no sign of strife or division in front of our children, our friends, or the rest of the world. I pray that just as Christ cannot be separated from His Church, we cannot be separated from one another. Protect our marriage from division, Lord, and let us always be on guard against things that would come between us.

As our children grow up, let there be a mutual respect and love between us. I pray that we would develop relationships of trust that cannot be broken, that communication would remain open and we would all always assume the best about one another. Do not allow distrust and suspicion and self-centeredness to have a place in our home. 

Lord, the members of my family each come against opposition in so many forms out in the world. Let our home, though, be a sanctuary of safety and love. Let nothing internal or external, real or imagined, physical or spiritual come between me and the people You have placed in my life. Thank You for these relationships. Nurture them, God, and help them to be what You intend family relationships to be.


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