I Don’t Know What to Say.

If you think that’s a funny title for a blog post, I’m assuming you probably think it’s a funny title for a book.

Regardless…that’s the title of my first book, due out any day now!

The thing is, prayer is tricky, and I think we sit down to pray already helplessly overwhelmed by alllll the things to pray about. That helpless feeling is only worsened by the fact that instead of having too many words, we don’t have any at all.

We don’t know what to say.

A couple of years ago my daughter was going through something particularly difficult, and I found myself desperate to pray for her but unable to even think clearly when I tried to pray. I was so upset about her situation that I couldn’t even think of what to ask. We don’t have to have the perfect words to approach God, but it helps if we have some.

One day, it occurred to me that maybe – just maybe – the burden of finding the right words wasn’t on me. I realized the promises of God said everything I wanted to pray over my little girl, so I wrote a Scripture-centered prayer and prayed through it every night before I went to bed. That changed the way I see prayer.

I wrote a blog series around this idea, called “31 Days of Praying for Your Family”…and have compiled that series – plus some – into a straightforward book of prayers for you to pray over your home and family. The words aren’t all mine; God already said it all, so I just dug in and found what He says about the most common things I feel responsible for praying for my husband and daughter.

My hope is that this book will be helpful to you just as my first handwritten prayer was helpful for me. Having the words already there may free up your mind to pray what you want to pray but somehow can’t. It may even change the way you see prayer, too.

I’m finishing up final edits now, so expect to see I Don’t Know What to Say on Amazon very, very soon!

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